We must remove the distractions of political agendas from our schools and return to the business of educating our children.  For the 2020-2021 school year, Bellevue Public Schools ranked 129th out of 210 school districts in the State based on the standardized testing scores.  We have to set high expectations and put the emphasis back on reading, writing, English, math, science, history, civics, and teach our children sound moral values and character.

I will stand against the ongoing anti-American and anti-Christian bias infiltrating our school system.  We must teach our children history without bias and engender respect for the United States Constitution, which upholds our values and freedoms.  We need to teach our children that they are sons and daughters of God with a divine heritage and unlimited worth.  We need to teach them to love one another and not divide them and cause hate amongst them.  Let’s give our children the education they deserve and that you demand.

If elected, I pledge that I will:

  • Fight for parental rights and transparency into our curriculums and teaching materials
  • Set high expectations and place the focus on academic performance
  • Support school choice and competition
  • Fight against Critical Race Theory, Comprehensive Sex Education, and other destructive agendas in our classrooms
  • Use your tax dollars wisely, cut administrative and other costs, and work to lower the tax levy
  • Fight against mask and vaccine mandates

Please lend me your support and vote for me on November 8.

Jim Moudry