Jim Moudry for Bellevue School Board


Hi!  My name is Jim Moudry and I love Bellevue.

We have called Bellevue our home for over 32 years.  I am a retired Air Force B-52 pilot and have served on the Bellevue City Council.  My wife, Betty, and I have been married for 49 years and our three children all graduated from Bellevue Public Schools.  Two of our seven grandchildren also attended Bellevue Public Schools.  They all received great educations and I want to place the focus back on core subjects to ensure our children of today continue to receive great educations.

The future success of our Bellevue schools depends on all of us working together to:

  • Use taxpayer dollars wisely
  • Attract and retain outstanding teachers
  • Establish complete transparency
  • Encourage parent and community involvement
  • Stand up against the injection of political agendas in our classrooms
  • Place the emphasis on educational excellence

I am pro-teacher, pro-student, and PRO-PARENT.

We cannot win this race without your help.  Whether you help by making phone calls, placing signs, knocking on doors, or making a valuable financial donation, I greatly appreciate your assistance.

If you are interested in volunteering or have any questions about my candidacy, please go to the “Volunteer” tab or email me at Jim@jimmoudry.com

Help us provide the "best bang for your buck" to provide our children with THE BEST POSSIBLE EDUCATION.